By accident, bumped in to the old greenhouse Kristallen in Bruzaholm, on our way to Gothenburg. (Last pic is from Baum work & shop, where you, among other things, can find these nice turbans.)


Now on dvd
(Produced by Lee Film and distributed by Folkets Bio.)


My cover for a book catalogue, Svensk Bokhandel (Höstens Böcker 2015). Inside an interview about the illustration, made after I finished reading the Klas Gustafson-biography about Beppe Wolgers.


The small pot and the saucer are both from A Visual Sprinkler by Maria Raymondsdotter and Kenneth Andersson. Their exhibition (or, what is left from it:) can been seen here until next week.


Have been trying so hard to get my buckrams (first pic) to feel at home, and suddenly this plant seems to have rooted! As I, every morning, have to take a slow walk and check how all the plants are doing, I'm always late for work. The same thing every year. My own inner boss roars, but the rest of me is not listening...


Another small gift card, made for Västervik Framåt.


Illustrations from magazine Värmland.


Annabell Olsson in a window, Gamla Stan. Sewing for seeds, Stora Nygatan 36, Sthlm. Pic from BA.BO.KO. Who has Annabell and other prints for sale. (My print Ticketack in a limited edition, still for some days with a 10% discount!)


If in Stockholm; go and see!



Four of my illustrated poems from the anthology Bara för dig på lågstadiet (Rabén & Sjögren), for children aged 7-9 years. The book, which also contains contributions by Emma Adbåge, Lisa Bjärbo, Lotta Geffenblad and Mårten Melin (among others), will be out in a couple of days. Jepp!


Spring (still). And so many things to pick and bring in. Tulips, wood anemones, poppies, King bed lilies! 


Been away for some days to meet schoolchildren who have read my book Tänk om... Visboken. The project is called Lässurr, and this is my tenth (!) spring participating. It is such an honor to meet the children and to see their own work, inspired by the book. Above is a HUGE picture made of plastic pearls by 32 children in Astrid Lindgrens skola, Vimmerby.